See who is cultivating generosity this week

Accelerating Generosity

Our guides are working with many churches across the country to develop a culture of giving. A big welcome to the newest churches who have joined us:

  • First Baptist Church
    Duluth, GA
  • LifeQuest Church
    Belton, MO

Our People

  • jim_sheppard

    Jim Sheppard

    “At Generis we do whatever it takes to ensure our client’s interests are at the forefront of our fundraising counsel. Our company is organized so that our consultants can spend as much time as needed on-site with each client. Our Lifestyle Stewardship approach has served churches of every size, denomination, theological context and worship culture with great success. Illustrating time and again the magnitude of God’s power as He moves in and through the people of His church.”

  • brad_leeper

    Brad Leeper

    “For any generosity and giving culture to succeed, three key questions must be answered: ‘Is God in this plan? Have church leaders cast a vision for the project that exceeds the brick and mortar story? And does each church member understand the sound, biblical basis for engaging in joyful giving in support of that vision?’ Creating an environment where individuals ask God what He wants them to do—in light of what He has called their church to do—is my ultimate task.”

  • allen_walworth

    Allen Walworth

    “Christian stewardship is not so much about raising money as it is about raising people. I approach this ministry within the Church out of sense of vocational call as a Christian minister, and out of a sense of joyous partnership with clergy and laity to serve with them in defining moments in the life of their church. Capital campaigns and other stewardship enhancing events are teachable moments God uses to open our hearts, our hands, and our hopes to greater maturity in Christian discipleship, greater unity around a church’s vision for ministry, and greater joy in our experience of God’s abundant life.”

  • don_linscott

    Don Linscott

    “Lifestyle Stewardship recognizes that God’s primary interest is in people, not pocketbooks. At the same time, people’s devotion to God is always reflected in the stewardship of daily life. Stewardship is the intersecting point between the Lordship of Christ and the Lifestyle of the Christian.”

  • dave_anderson

    Dave Anderson

    “I have a passion for assisting churches in resourcing their financial needs through developing a culture of generosity. But even more than that, I have a passion for helping church leaders catch a vision for how contagious generosity can completely transform their church’s culture.”

  • larry-armentrout-s

    Larry Armentrout

    “The greatest challenge for every ministry is to outline their project—defining its true purpose and the plan for completing it—and then act. Ministries sometimes spend years trying to make decisions. The pivotal moment occurs when church leaders stand up and say, ‘let’s do it.’”

  • joe_brand

    Joe Brand

    “As a follower of Christ, I must learn to conform every area of my life to the contours of the Gospel. I cannot pretend that my life is my own. I am bought with a price. Nowhere is this more challenging than in my stewardship of resources. How I invest the talents and treasures of God for His kingdom reveals much about my conformity to the Gospel. At Generis, we strive to deepen the understanding of churches and their members around this basic truth.”

  • julie_bullock

    Julie Bullock, CFRE

    “People ask all the time the ’secrets’ to raising money. There’s no secret really. The key lies in a perception shift we MUST make. Money doesn’t fund vision, it FOLLOWS vision. If you don’t have any money, then you might not have any vision big enough to demand that money! It is my passion to help mobilize leaders and organizations to experience the joy that comes from a generous life….”

  • Erik_Ely

    Erik Ely

    “The last thing that should be on a pastor’s mind is money for ministry, yet for most of us it is the first thing. I have experienced first hand the frustration of staff and volunteers that have all the dreams and plans for great ministry, but don’t have the funds to make it happen. I have also experienced ministry that is well resourced and there is a huge difference in impact and momentum. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a community catching the fire of generosity and watching the ministry take off!”

  • gerald_farley

    Gerald Farley

    “It’s inspired me to see God at work in amazing ways through churches and individuals across the country. Churches astound me with their creativity, worship, teaching and their ability to use modern technology, regardless of size and denomination.”

  • rusty_lewis

    Rusty Lewis, CFRE

    “Every initiative requires its own uniquely creative approach to ignite passion for a project that will ultimately drive ministry expansion and effectiveness. From the first meeting to final completion, I help leaders and organizations create strategies that promote awareness, build momentum and stimulate action. In a culture bombarded with marketing toward materialism, my ultimate calling is to foster environments where people desire to earnestly seek God to become unselfishly, even lavishly, openhanded toward a common purpose.”

  • craig_loscalzo

    Craig Loscalzo

    “Today’s world seems strange and complex: too puzzling for shallow analysis, too complicated for quick fixes, and too confused for religious clichés. I love helping churches thrive in this ever-changing world. Guiding your church to fund its vision is the Generis mission. By engaging and cultivating a culture of generosity within your church, I will help create new avenues of discipleship, stewardship, and growth. Together we will vision ways to produce the greatest Kingdom impact your church can have for today and tomorrow.”

  • greg-morris-small

    Greg Morris

    “Every organization has vision. Far too often, lack of funding limits vision implementation and makes the reality of God-sized dreams less likely. The solution is that churches must cultivate a culture of generosity – the type of generosity that is the by-product of a well defined, clearly communicated, God-given vision. My passion is to walk alongside leaders and help them see new levels of generosity in their organizations.”

  • herman_norman

    Herman Norman

    “As a Generis consultant I have the freedom and responsibility to address each church as a unique entity. There is no set doctrine or prescribed list of procedures I’m required to follow. An unfolding capital campaign is a living organism. It moves and sways. It cannot achieve its highest objective if it is constrained by an inflexible program model. We are unique in our capacity to respond to individual dynamics that change from church to church and campaign to campaign.”

  • C

    Carla Maxwell Ray

    "Are we living according to God’s plan for our lives and our churches? God has blessed me with the capability to generate resources to help fund the visions that He has placed in His leaders. I am at a juncture in my life where I believe I am now called to share my gift with God’s Kingdom. This empowers His churches and its members to secure significant resources and operate debt free, while creating systems that perpetuate sustainability. The influx of resources is a byproduct of the elevation in the church’s and its members’ spiritual growth and maturity. That excites me the most!"

  • Josh-Rice-small

    Josh Rice

    “As a Generis consultant, I get to be a part of re-normalizing one of the most original Christian innovations – everyday generosity. Prior to the Christian movement, it was assumed that only the wealthiest benefactors were responsible for being generous. The message of the Gospel revolutionized this forever, calling all Christians, whether rich or poor, young or old, male or female, to be benefactors. It is this calling that I seek to reinvigorate within the Christian community.”

  • Mark-Slabaugh

    Mark Slabaugh

    “When a local church wraps both arms around a prayer-captured, God-inspired vision for their future, amazing and impossible happens. The challenge for pastors becomes the strategy, communication, and timing for that prayer-soaked godly vision to be shared. I want to hear that story of vision inspiration from pastors and then help them create a unique strategy plan based on that narrative for sharing ownership of God’s preferred future with their local church. The church wants God-inspired vision; the church needs God-inspired vision. How can that church share and own that future with their pastor? That’s where Generis comes in – we understand what you face as a pastor and we understand how to equip you and your church to achieve God-inspired vision.”

  • larry_ulrich

    Larry Ulrich

    “Blessed is the man who trusts in Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water…for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit. –Jeremiah 17:7-8 (ESV) Today’s economic drought threatens the economic viability of many churches. Yet, other churches remain vibrant and growing. Fruitful ministry leaders put their trust in the Lord and consistently communicate and cast a vision for ministry growth. These leaders encourage the faithful management of the resources Our Lord entrusts to us, while accelerating a culture of generosity in their congregations. I am passionate and committed to equipping and coaching ministry leaders, helping mobilize disciples, so each of us experiences the true joy of giving. Through collaboration, I pray that together we will help fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission in Matthew 28.

  • alan_wildes

    Alan Wildes

    “Drawing on my background as a teacher and coach—in colleges, high schools and now the local church—I build successful teams that can work toward a common goal and feel good about the results. That means taking knowledge out of my head and transferring it to others who then go out into the congregation and ‘execute.’ That’s teaching and coaching at its finest, empowering people to exercise talents they never knew they had. And that is exciting to witness!”

  • chris-willard-1

    Chris Willard

    “I am inspired by generosity. It moves me to see people freely sharing what God has given to them with others in need. Or when givers strategically invest resources to do some real good in the world. And, I am inspired by generous churches, too. That’s why I consider it such a privilege to help ministry leaders discover what it takes to create a culture of giving and generosity.”