See who is cultivating generosity this week

Accelerating Generosity

Our guides are working with many churches across the country to develop a culture of giving. A big welcome to the newest churches who have joined us:

  • First Baptist Church
    Duluth, GA
  • LifeQuest Church
    Belton, MO

Chris Willard


“I am inspired by generosity. It moves me to see people freely sharing what God has given to them with others in need. Or when givers strategically invest resources to do some real good in the world. And, I am inspired by generous churches, too. That’s why I consider it such a privilege to help ministry leaders discover what it takes to create a culture of giving and generosity.

It is exciting to see pastors invite members of the church to live generously, not because of what they want from them, but because of what they want for them. That’s when the real transformation begins in lives of the people, the church, the community and the world.”

Chris Willard is a generosity strategist with more than 25 years of ministry leadership experience. Chris also serves as the director of generosity initiatives and premium services with Leadership Network. Over the years he has coached the leaders of some of the most effective churches in America as they have worked to accelerate generosity in their ministries.

Previously, Chris was executive pastor of Discovery Church in Orlando. During his tenure there, Discovery launched three multi-site venues and experienced dramatic growth. Chris and his family continue to be actively involved at Discovery where he serves as an elder. Prior to serving with Discovery, Chris worked with Campus Crusade for Christ giving leadership to and raising funds for several strategic national and international initiatives.

Chris is the co-author of “Contagious Generosity: Creating a Culture of Giving in Your Church” (Zondervan). Chris and his wife Susan have three children, C.J., Hannah and Natalie, and live in Orlando.