See who is cultivating generosity this week

Accelerating Generosity

Our guides are working with many churches across the country to develop a culture of giving. A big welcome to the newest churches who have joined us:

  • First Baptist Church
    Duluth, GA
  • LifeQuest Church
    Belton, MO

Tom Melzoni


For Tom Melzoni, designing and implementing a plan of stewardship is always a “process in action.” It’s important to get the details right—whether investing the initiative with the right personality or inventing bold new approaches to individual generosity.

Tom has a rich background in church leadership, having served as Executive Pastor early in his career and later serving as Senior Pastor. Leveraging that experience, helping each client define, execute and fund its God-given vision has been Tom’s personal mission for almost 20 years.

Having worked with more than 225 clients including colleges, camps, Salvation Army Corps, schools and churches of various sizes and denominations, Tom is one of the most experienced generosity and stewardship consultants in America. He has helped his clients raise more than $550 million dollars in his career.

Tom is active in his local church and serves on the boards of Columbine Redemption and the Melzoni Foundation. Tom earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University and his MA from Southern Seminary. He was granted an honorary doctorate of divinity from the California Graduate School of Theology for his work in church growth and stewardship.