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Our Philosophy

A Culture of Generosity

A Culture of Generosity - True generosity is born out of a discipleship-based approach to giving.  It’s making our lives look more like Christ and pouring ourselves out for others in service and devotion.  This generous life is a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith.  We are called to care for the least of these, to build up the local Church, and to make disciples of all nations.  With this calling as the foundation for our approach, we do more than help churches and organizations raise money.  We help build generous Christ Followers.

Changing Lifestyles

Generosity is more than a one-time event; rather, it is a lifestyle poured out in service to God and others.

Creating Alignment

A culture of generosity can powerfully align your church or organization around a common goal and purpose.

Renewing Vision

When you have the ability to cast new vision, people become compelled, lives change, and generosity becomes abundant.

“God had given our church a vision for intentionally producing disciples for Christ across the East Bay area, but we didn’t have the financial resources to do it. As the founding pastor of Cornerstone, I didn’t want just anyone coming in to influence our direction. Brad Leeper came in full of ideas, but didn’t try to push his own agenda on us. Thanks to him, I met with over 1,000 influencers in our church before we ever launched our campaign. His approach was refreshing and one we’d recommend to church leaders who share our passion for discipleship through authentic relationships.”

Pastor Steve Madsen
Cornerstone Fellowship Church

A Matter of the Heart

We love hearing and sharing the stories of people who have been touched by God and changed in their view of generosity. Hearts become softened, lives become devoted, and love abounds when we surrender our lives and trust Him more faithfully.

Learn About Our Generosity Audit

The Generosity Audit is a one-day consultation and vision casting session that provides a thorough assessment of your church's effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity.
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