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How Do You View Generosity?

Thursday, June 09

Within the church, there is currently a significant “generosity movement,” but generosity is also a debated topic among Christian leaders. How we understand the role of generosity in our lives—and in the Christian communities in which we do life together—perhaps says more about our faith and our understanding of the gospel than any other single aspect of our faith. As a Christian leader, how have you viewed generosity to this point?

When it comes to generosity, Christian leaders tend to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Those who have adopted generosity as the standard by which they live out their faith. It is the lens through which they interpret the will of God and their role in His kingdom on earth.

  2. Those who embrace generosity as an appropriate substitute for the more established language of stewardship referring to the believers’ responsibility to support the work of the church and to faithfully use their resources to serve its mission. 

  3. Those who are skeptical of the notion of generosity, leaders who are disillusioned by the church and its relationship with money. They sense a fundamental disconnect between what the church practices and the biblical principles of stewardship the church teaches.
 In which of the three categories we described would your perspective most readily fit? These three groups view the same subject—how our faith informs our relationship to money—through three different perspectives. It is necessary to view generosity through each perspective and to learn where these views converge based on what the Bible teaches. Doing so will lead to a dramatic shift in lifestyle, nothing short of a revolution, for the followers of Christ. The transformation will attract countless people looking for a new life, chasing after the heart of the One Who made us and generously gave Himself for us.

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