Bobby Scott

Advancement Strategist for K-12 Education

Meet Bobby Scott

Bobby Scott has 45 years of educational life experience, most focused on K-12 education. He is currently the Headmaster Emeritus of Perimeter School in Johns Creek, Georgia and the Director of the ChildLight Schools Association. He is also the co-author of When Children Love to Learn, a Charlotte Mason philosophy and practice book for school educators.

He arrived in Atlanta in 1986, where he studied and applied the covenant school model at Perimeter, and founded or assisted in establishing three other schools, all of which are now a part of the ChildLight Schools Association.

Bobby served as the headmaster of Perimeter School for 33 years. Along the way, he led teacher training teams to Joshua Teacher Training College and the Karanse Christian School in Tanzania, East Africa, as well as teams to Guatemala and Nigeria.

He holds an M Ed in Counseling and an M Ed in School Administration. He and his wife, Valerie, have three children. Valerie is an accomplished drama instructor and producer of children’s plays and musicals. The birth of his first grandson, Bennett Thompson, 3 months ago has been his joyous diversion from school life.



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