Know Your Givers & Strengthen a Culture of Generosity

See how Church Analytics will accelerate generosity for your organization

So, what exactly is Church Analytics?

Understand Giving Trends

Changes in giving habits are often indicators of a deeper story—so understanding your giving data is an important step in discovering what’s really going on with your congregants.

When you analyze your data with Church Analytics, you gain insights to understand:

  • Who your new givers are
  • What causes people to stop giving
  • What motivates people to give more

Surface Ministry Opportunities

A change in giving patterns is often a tangible sign of something deeper happening in the life of a congregant.

When your church is better equipped to respond to individual needs, people are more likely to heighten their commitment.

Accelerate Generosity

The most successful path to a healthy budget is great ministry. When your people see and feel your impact in their lives and the lives of their neighbors and community, they will be more moved to demonstrate their trust through increased engagement and a genuine desire to give.

And an increase in generosity helps you fund your vision.

Gloo & Generis

Tenets of Our Partnership

Gloo is passionate about revolutionizing personal growth through data science and analytics. Generis is passionate about helping churches accelerate generosity to fund their God-inspired vision. Together we’ve created Church Analytics so churches can truly understand and serve the people who faithfully support their missions.

Data Privacy, Security & Trust

Gloo promises to protect your data by providing data strategies anchored in the rights of the individual and the responsibilities of the organizations that serve them.

Ethically Sourced Data

Gloo focuses on the data that’s important to Champions. They give Champions access to cutting-edge capabilities so they can change more lives for the better.

Powerful Analytics and Insights

Gloo provides custom-built predictive analytics for Champions so they can sort through data and uncover the motivations, attitudes, and growth predictors of their audience.

Get Started with Church Analytics

Connect with a Church Analytics Coach and get clarity about what your giving data means and what you can do about it.