Craig Loscalzo

Senior Generosity Strategist

A gifted preacher, seminary professor, and church leader, Craig brings thirty years of ministerial experience to the role of helping churches accelerate generosity toward their God-inspired vision. He has a pastor's heart, a leadership vision, and understands what is needed to create a culture of generosity in a church. Craig is ideally suited to guide churches to new heights of stewardship and growth. As one who practices a life-style of generosity, Craig suggests one never regrets being generous!

As a senior pastor, Craig helped lead his church through two successful capital campaigns. As a Generis consultant, he brings the experience of having sat in the pastor's chair during all phases of a capital campaign. This unique sensitivity serves Craig well as he helps pastors navigate their churches through successful campaigns. With tools like the Generosity Audit and the Generosity Potential Assessment, he's helping churches vision a generosity culture they didn't know could exist in their church.

Craig holds a B.S. from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He also holds M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees in preaching, from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Craig and his wife Aunchalee live in Lexington, Kentucky. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.


Craig Loscalzo


Today's world seems strange and complex: too puzzling for shallow analysis, too complicated for quick fixes, and too confused for religious clichés. I love helping churches thrive in this ever-changing world. Guiding your church to fund its vision is the Generis mission. By engaging and cultivating a culture of generosity within your church, I will help create new avenues of discipleship, stewardship, and growth. Together we will vision ways to produce the greatest Kingdom impact your church can have for today and tomorrow.