Gerald Farley

Vice President

To Gerald Farley, the way people handle money and possessions is the most effective indicator of who they are in Christ. As a gifted leader, administrator and teacher, Gerald brings a wealth of experience, heart, and passion to the task of helping believers embrace the full power of Biblical stewardship.

A Generis consultant since 1996 and a church staff administrator for the 20 years prior, Gerald is adept at providing diverse guidance and counsel-analyzing generosity in the church and providing practical solutions to help increase giving, leading in enhanced giving opportunities, and assisting with plans to enlist those with stored assets to include the church. It is Gerald's calling to help people grow in the grace of giving-both to meet their own spiritual needs and the ministry needs of the church.


Gerald Farley


It's inspired me to see God at work in amazing ways through churches and individuals across the country. Churches astound me with their creativity, worship, teaching and their ability to use modern technology, regardless of size and denomination.