Glenn Sauls

Senior Generosity Strategist

Meet Glenn Sauls

Glenn has served as a pastor, college professor, missionary, company leader, and has worked with over 300 churches across America to develop capital stewardship campaigns and various generosity strategies. He holds a Bachelor degree from Barton College, Masters degree from Winthrop University, Doctor of Education degree from University of North Carolina, and most recently completed a Ph.D. in Strategic Business Leadership.

Glenn pastored in South Carolina for eight years and North Carolina for 14 years. During his tenure as pastor in Asheboro, NC, Glenn did four fundraising initiatives over 10 years.

He is the author of the book, “Journey,” along with devotional guides, small group curriculum, and numerous articles for Bank of the West, Ministries Today, and Outreach magazine.

Glenn has two sons, David and Jonathan, a daughter in law, Heather, and a grandson, Noah. He enjoys travel, beaches all over the Caribbean, particularly BVI, music, theater, golf, driving fast cars (sometimes on I-400), and rehabbing older houses in depressed neighborhoods.

Glenn has been a part of North Point Community Church for 18 years and is passionate about reaching people that are distant from God and truly loves the local church, and believes it is the local church that is “the hope of the world.”


  • ministry strategy
  • donor development
  • Generosity Assessment

No matter the size of your God-inspired dreams, it can be daunting to think about chasing down the necessary resources. The truth is that while vision almost always exceeds current realities, the means to support your vision is within your grasp. 

With Generis, you’re not alone. Our customized Campaign approach will help you assess, rethink and reframe your current reality, allowing you to reach your specific goals while also establishing a foundation for increased generosity overall.

There are seasons in every church where a team needs to go heads down and implement a new strategy or solve a pressing problem. In a Ministry Strategy engagement, one or more of our leaders will help you uncover the right solutions for the season you’re in. They will also walk alongside to help you execute with greater speed and effectiveness. Journeys like these are highly tailored to your unique church mission, culture and people.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand the giving capacity of individual donors to your organization? Even better, how to approach them without scaring them away or showing favoritism? At Generis, our team has extensive experience in helping you identify where this capacity exists as well as coaching you on the conversations and approach that can effectively inspire these major gifts. We will assist your organization in reaching its goals, and ultimately, bless your givers for their generosity.

From time to time, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the habits of your overall giving climate to see what is currently working as well as where opportunities for a culture of generosity to increase might exist.

The Generosity Assessment is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity. Think of it like an x-ray into the giving perspective of the church.


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