Herman Norman

Vice President

From 1981 to 1992, Dr. Herman Norman served his church as Chair of the Deacon Board and Chair of the Church Council. As a layman in those positions, he provided exceptional leadership of his church's Capital Stewardship Campaigns. Having had this life-changing experience, Dr. Norman began his professional career in 1986 as a church fundraising consultant and has helped more than 250 churches achieve their visions.

In summary, Dr. Norman has distinguished himself throughout a professional career spanning 48 years. After earning his doctorate in education from Indiana University, he served 13 years as a university professor and administrator. A career military officer, he retired at the rank of commander, U.S. Naval Reserves, after 21 years of service. Dr. Norman also established his own financial services company before taking on church fundraising and ultimately joining Generis in 1991.

Dr. Norman now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia, and is married to the former Thena Monts Durham of Atlanta.


Herman Norman


As a Generis consultant I have the freedom and responsibility to address each church as a unique entity. There is no set doctrine or prescribed list of procedures I'm required to follow. An unfolding capital campaign is a living organism. It moves and sways. It cannot achieve its highest objective if it is constrained by an inflexible program model. We are unique in our capacity to respond to individual dynamics that change from church to church and campaign to campaign.