Multisite Assessment

Reveals new opportunities for developing or enhancing a multisite growth strategy


From time to time, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the perspectives, attitudes and habits of your church’s climate for growth. Identifying what is working, as well where opportunities to increase the church’s influence and reach might exist.

The Multisite Assessment is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s quotient for growth and reveals the most likely opportunities for expanding your ministry. Think of it like an x-ray into the growth potential of your church. We will discover what driving forces to harness as well as what inhibiting factors (if any) that would stunt that growth. We developed this type of assessment after decades of experience with a wide variety of churches and realizing what an incredibly helpful planning tool this could be.

The experience includes the collecting and analyzing of historical data prior to the assessment, meeting onsite with senior leadership and “perspective groups,” and providing written recommendations after the visit.

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Ministry is always exciting when the opportunity for expansion presents itself. That's where Chris Mavity lives and works. A "hand to the plow" leader, Chris' ministry has centered around the expansion, advancement, and enhancement of church ministries throughout the country. Chris spent twenty years at North Coast Church - located in San Diego County - where his Multi-Site ministry acumen was conceived and developed. When Larry Osborne tasked Chris with creating an overflow room, he instead created a "preferred worship experience" which propelled North Coast into being one of the pioneering leaders of the Multi-Site and Multi-Venue ministry movement.

Elements of a Multisite Assessment

The Multisite Assessment will explore four primary areas:

Systems and Processes
- We will analyze your current guest welcoming and retention processes, first steps, and volunteer satisfaction.
- We will delve into current internal and external communication mechanisms and evaluate their effectiveness.
- We will determine the scalability of current processes and identify weaknesses (if any).
We will work to get a snapshot of your current staff make up (who and how the move to multisite will happen or who or what is hindering growth). We’ll discover gaps (if any) and eliminate overlaps so that role and responsibility guidelines are outlined and clear.
Numbers and Analytics
We will do a deep dive into the church database in order to determine who is coming and why, geographic opportunities, a funding game plan, as well as help you create a scorecard to measure health on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
Interviews with the Key Decision Makers and Implementers
We will meet with key leaders to gain understanding, uncover potential opportunities, as well as discover feasibility of growth.

How Does it Work?

Before the day of the assessment, significant work is done to prepare for the assessment. Key leaders send in responses to questions about their area of responsibility. Support staff collect varied documents of history, policy and more. The day of the assessment is full of interviews and discussions. There are three 60 minute “active listening” discussions with Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and others that we determine are necessary. often including the Governing Board, other key staff - Finance, Operations and HR teams, children and student ministries, tech and production worship etc.

What do we walk away with?

Within three weeks of the assessment day, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of findings with recommended priorities, timelines and deliverables for implementation. The report presents readable findings about next steps, opportunities, limitations and options. The report includes “wins” that can take your church to the next level of ministry. Based on this pertinent information, you can determine your next steps and the level of coaching (if any) that Generis can assist you with.

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