Multisite Services

While multisite has opened up possibilities of growth for thousands of congregations around the world, it also raises multiple questions:

1. Are we ready to add an additional location?
2. Where will we find the resources and leaders for new sites?
3. How will we oversee and care for the added campuses while ensuring the health of the original site?

One of the challenges of multisite is that it adds new layers of complexity and strain on leaders that are already operating at full capacity. It’s like Jim Gaffigan describes having five children, “It’s like you are drowning and someone throws you a kid.” This is where we can help you. Rather than simply adding more tasks to everyone’s to do list or adding staff before you are ready, churches often bring in a Multisite Specialist to help them develop the key processes and systems of adding, overseeing and growing campuses. Our team can help shoulder the burden of these new tasks, and have done it multiple times before.

Get Started Contact Geoff
Geoff has over 35 years of pastoral experience, and was a pioneer in the multisite movement. He developed and oversaw Seacoast church's 14 locations, and led Saddleback Church's eight campuses as well as their church planting initiative. Geoff also served as Managing Director of Exponential and is the author of several books, including The Multisite Church Revolution and The Multisite Church Road Trip. Geoff has coached dozens of churches on their multisite journey in the U.S., U.K. and in Europe.


The first step in understanding your church's mulsitise needs is a Discovery Call between your leader(s) and a Muslitiste Specialist. During your Discovery Call we will discuss your church’s driving reason for adding new locations, your potential site leaders and locations, and your staff’s readiness for expansion. We will also talk through some of the prevailing models of multisite and how they fit with your church’s unique DNA. The goal of the Discovery Call is to answer your pressing questions around expansion, and to point you in the right direction for next steps.


During the One Day Assessment

We will discover and clarify:

- The need, vision and communication of your multisite initiative
- Cultural readiness to launch and oversee a new location
- Qualification of potential site leader(s)
- Discuss and/or visit potential site(s)

How to prepare for a One Day Assessment

- Video recording of a typical weekend service
- Attendance and giving year-over-year trend charts for three years
- Completed Culture/DNA Surveys

Instructions, surveys and templates will be provided to help guide your team.

What to Expect After the One Day Assessment

- Our Multisite Strategist will provide a report analyzing the vision, plan and readiness for your multisite initiative.
- Detailed recommendation for next steps for your church.

Who participates in the One Day Assessment?

- Lead Pastor
- Executive Team
- CFO of Equivalent
- Potential Site Leader(s)
- Ministry Leaders (Children, Students, Worship, Groups, etc.)
- Tech Director

Multisite Solutions

Ongoing Strategic Coaching

During a one-year process a Multisite Strategist will coach the church through the following steps

- Defining your church’s unique DNA, especially as it relates to replication.
- Create and lead a process to create and update ministry operating guidelines to bring clarity at all sites.
- Develop speaker and worship leader pipelines (as needed).
- Identify and develop existing and future campus pastors.
- Develop a clear but flexible staffing matrix for oversite of campuses and ministries.
- Give input on healthy models for launch and operating budgets for new sites.
- Help identify and evaluate future locations.
- Develop effective model for Central Support for additional locations.

Elements of a One-Year Multisite Engagement:

- Bi-monthly meetings either in person and/or video.
- Quarterly two-day onsite visits.
- Two weekend visits .
- Unlimited text, phone and email support.
- Additional meetings as needed.