Pastoral Succession Coaching

Succession is the intentional transition of power, authority and responsibility from one primary leader to another. In most of these cases the Senior Leader seeks to productively transition their own ministry and the life of the church to a new season. Many of these are founders, or “founder-like” in that the ministry has significantly grown over many years of ministry. The church is often ill-prepared to deal with the situation because of the size of the church. Copying another church’s process is often not the best choice for many churches. Why? Because each church has unique dynamics and cultures.

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For more than 20 years Dave Travis has been a friend, constant encouragement and mentor to me. He has the unique ability to quickly assess ministry opportunities and give pin-point insights and recommendations for moving the mission forward. Dave has been a guiding voice for me as I provide leadership for Community Christian Church and NewThing. If you want guidance for how to make wise ministry choices and how to best navigate the future, you should talk to Dave Travis!


What Is Covered?
  • Onsite meetings with consultant with Senior Leadership/Team.
  • Individual and Group Interviews/Focus Groups.
  • Analysis of current information/programs/plans/methods.
  • Delivery of various written reports with video meetings and discussions.
  • Surveys where needed. External data analysis.
How Does It Work?
What Do We Walk Away With?

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