Rob Hopper

Senior Generosity Strategist

Rob has provided consulting services in churches, schools, and non-profits in every state, size, and style. He loves being connected to any organization with the agenda of making much of God and seeing people reach their full potential.

Rob consults leaders and organizations on how to inspire people to leverage their lives for God's glory. With a bold goal to help them maximize their potential, Rob is passionate about empowering people to do the things that maximize God's transformative power in the world.

His consulting with has resulted in over $500 million released by God's people to help this world pay attention to the Good News of abundant freedom in Christ. Recently, he has been traveling the world inspiring leaders to action and conducting giving campaigns.

Rob has earned multiple degrees, and is a certified strategic planner - another love of his life. He habitually has a book in hand, via Kindle, is speaking somewhere around the globe, or is engaged in creative consulting through Generis. When not on the road, Rob resides in Southern California where he enjoys the beach, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, mixed martial arts, and anything that goes fast!