First-Time Givers

Church leaders have a keen sense of important spiritual steps in a persons journey in faith. We celebrate monumental and small moments of a person digging deeper into their spiritual lives. But there is a moment that is often missed in pastoral care: the first-time financial gift to your church.

This incredible moment is not a business transaction reserved for the church business team but an indicator of a person growing deeper in their faith and spiritual life at your church.

This resource was designed to help you engage the heart of your first-time givers and create a strategy to help them become second-time givers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Converting First-Time Givers to Second-Time Givers

What people say?

Generis brought a wise and needed outside perspective to our development planning.

Dr. Chip Roper, The New York City Leadership Center™

What people say?

Generis began where great consultants do; they asked probing questions and then they listened … carefully! Out of their listening, they asked questions that took us to deeper and deeper levels of our reality. And then…boom, they provided insights that named what ‘is’ and gave insight and recommendations that pointed us clearly to a preferred future. Better than I could have imagined.

Dr. Craig Sider, The New York City Leadership Center™

What people say?

Working with Generis helped us experience the blessing of leveraging our wealth in this life, in order to have an eternal impact.

Pastor Bill McCutchen, Hilton Head Presbyterian