Warren Schuh

Generosity Strategist

Warren Schuh is a generosity strategist who has almost 30 years of local church ministry experience including 14 years as Executive Pastor of large churches in Colorado and California. In addition, he's had national influence as the Director of Large Church Networks for Leadership Network, international influence as COO of a Church Planting Mission and local influence as a Board member of a county-wide Christian community transformation ministry. More importantly, Warren has had a lifelong passion to support key ministry leaders in their pursuit of the visions God has planted in their hearts. With a background of practical experience leading churches and faith based organizations, Warren understands the complexities involved in making strategic decisions that can keep a ministry moving forward toward its God-given vision. Clearly, appropriate funding and resources are central to the accomplishment of vision but foundational to that funding should be a deep understanding that individual Christians will grow exponentially as disciples when they begin to live out a life of generosity. Warren's appreciation for the Generis process is rooted in a firm belief that as Christians develop as generous people, the organizations they support will become healthier and sustainable for the long haul.

Warren received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wheaton College with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Warren resides in Southern California with his wife, Connie, and they both enjoy having their three married children and five grandchildren living close by.


Warren Schuh


I love it when generosity light bulbs go on for people! There's nothing more exciting than hearing the God-stories that inevitably emerge when believers take new and deeper steps toward trusting God with their whole lives, including their finances. I also love it when church leadership teams learn how to be intentional about creating a vibrant culture of generosity. The results can be amazing at so many levels not the least of which is the reality that God-sized vision can be fully funded. The opportunity to assist strategically with the development of cultures of generosity is an immense privilege!