Generis and XPastor brings years of experience to the challenges of today’s church. Together, Generis and XPastor take biblical principles, best practices, and your ministry’s DNA and collaborates with you to weave them together into a strategy that will help you excel in your God-inspired vision. The XPastor Audit® was designed to help churches that are needing assistance strategically navigating through growth, plateau, or decline. This unique service will help you walk away with absolute clarity and a strategic plan to assist in helping your mission become a reality at your church.

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We help you rethink reality to make new things possible and set clear expectations. We connect your unique vision to effective ministry strategy. This ensures that everything we accomplish together outlives the length of any one person or initiative.

Elements of a XPASTOR AUDIT:

What Is Covered?

The XPastor Audit can explore up to four major areas with attendant sub-areas:

  • Governing Leadership—Vision, Church Structure, Governing Board, Board Members & Policy.
  • Staff Leadership—Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor & Key Team Members.
  • Strategic Ministry—Generosity, Metrics, Ministry Strategy, Staff Culture & Specialized Ministries.
  • Infrastructure—Operations, Buildings, Security, Technology, Communications, Employee Handbook, HR, Finance, Insurance & Legal. The financial Pulse Report is included in the audit.
How Does It Work?

Before the day of the audit, significant work is done to prepare for the audit. Key leaders send in responses to questions about their area of responsibility. Support staff collect varied documents of history, constitution, policy and more.

The day of the audit is full of interviews and discussions. There are three 60 minute “active listening” discussions with Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor and then the Governing Board Chair. You can select other key staff for prime conversations. For example, with the Finance, Operations and HR teams, a whiteboard discovery can surface vital issues.

What Do We Walk Away With?

Within three weeks of the audit day, you will receive a 10-15 page report. The report presents readable findings about next steps, opportunities, limitations and options. The report includes “wins” that can take your church to the next level of ministry. Based on this pertinent information, you can determine your next steps and the level of coaching that Generis and XPastor can assist you with.