Rusty Lewis, CFRE


Meet Rusty Lewis

Rusty Lewis has helped more than 150 churches close the gap between their current financial reality and what they need to move forward in ministry since 2001.

As an organized, discerning, and effective teacher and communicator, Rusty brings a highly customized approach to each initiative. He recognizes that every church is motivated by unique concerns. His passion for building relationships with compelling ministries has drawn him to serve some of the most innovative and growing churches in America, including those embracing multi-site strategies. Having partnered with churches large and small, within 15 different denominations and non-denominational churches, Rusty is skilled at creating new processes with proven methods to fit the local culture of each congregation.

Rusty and Andrea live in the St. Louis area. They enjoy two grown children and are blessed to be grandparents to two amazing granddaughters. Rusty serves on the tech team at his church, mixing front-of-house sound when not playing keys in the band. He enjoys great music (played really loudly), golfing, motorcycling, and Cardinal baseball.


No matter the size of your God-inspired dreams, it can be daunting to think about chasing down the necessary resources. The truth is that while vision almost always exceeds current realities, the means to support your vision is within your grasp. 

With Generis, you’re not alone. Our customized Campaign approach will help you assess, rethink and reframe your current reality, allowing you to reach your specific goals while also establishing a foundation for increased generosity overall.

Let’s be honest; there are times when one-on-one guidance, encouragement and accountability brings out the best in us and accelerates our ability to chase down those big, audacious dreams. The Generis Coaching experience is designed to align with your greatest needs and is delivered over a period of time that makes the most sense for you.

While Campaigns are supremely effective when trying to raise a significant amount of funds in a short amount of time, there are other options.

The innovative yet battle tested One Fund approach is a powerful option for churches that seek to establish a long-term culture of giving. It eliminates the sometimes confusing habit of multiple appeals and instead teaches people the fundamental principles of generosity and stewardship.

When you know something is “off” but you’re not sure what it is or where to start, an Assessment is the perfect solution! You will gain a comprehensive picture of what’s working, what’s struggling and where to focus your efforts. 

The most successful organizations we know operate from a carefully crafted Annual Development Plan. Whether you need help building a plan from the ground up, or whether you need help enhancing your current plan, we can help. Let us assist you in setting gift income goals, acquiring new donors, expanding your communication strategies, building a stronger major gifts program, adding a planned gifts program, helping your board understand their role in fundraising, and ensuring execution by assigning specific tasks and dates to the right people.


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