Brad Leeper


As one of the Generis principals, Brad has the privilege of working with the best people on the planet in accelerating generosity toward God-inspired vision.

Brad's unique approach allows him to serve larger and growing churches with significant funding requirements. Brad has a strong understanding of the multi-site church strategy and other pioneering church movements. He is drawn to larger, innovative, growing churches and the challenges of helping them expand in the area of generosity practically and spiritually.

Brad earned a Masters in Theology degree from Dallas Seminary and a B.S. in Economics from West Virginia University. He has diverse experience in church risk management, human resources, financial analysis, adult education, cross-cultural missions and strategic planning.


Brad Leeper


For any generosity and giving culture to succeed, three key questions must be answered: 'Is God in this plan? Have church leaders cast a vision for the project that exceeds the brick and mortar story? And does each church member understand the sound, biblical basis for engaging in joyful giving in support of that vision?' Creating an environment where individuals ask God what He wants them to do--in light of what He has called their church to do--is my ultimate task.