Over Three Decades of Mission Advancement and Accelerating Generosity Toward God-Inspired Vision

In 1989, Generis began to partner with churches and faith-based organizations to accelerate generosity and expand ministry. Since then, we’ve had the honor of partnering with more than 3,200 churches and ministries across the country and globe.

The Generis team is composed of practitioners who have real-life experience working in churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, and Christian schools. With decades of experience and hearts for mission advancement, our strategists are passionate about what they do.


Your vision is the direction God has given to your church, faith-based non-profit organization, or Christian school. Too often, your vision outpaces your resources, leaving you frustrated and asking: “How do we pay for this?”

Our team at Generis will help you figure out the ins and outs of stewardship and raising funds for your God-given vision and mission. Our guidance and coaching is based on biblical principles, best practices, and over 30 years of experience doing what we love: Helping leaders like you develop a thriving culture of generosity to fund your God-inspired vision for years to come. Our team of experienced and passionate guides is ready to partner with your church, organization, or school to overcome barriers and create a path toward growth.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our approach in everything we do is biblically rooted, discipleship driven, and mission focused. Fundraisers can raise money, but the biblical understanding of stewardship and generosity can transform culture and transform hearts — that’s the business we’re in.

Since day one, everything we’ve done has been through the lens of “client first.” We began with a fierce tenacity for client excellence that still guides us today.


The Generis team meets three times a year for professional training and refinement. Annually, each member will rack up over 100 hours of training in the pursuit of client excellence.


Generis regularly creates and gives away original resources, tools, virtual events, downloadable guides and templates, and more — all designed to serve leaders. We believe we are called to serve, and we do this by listening to our clients, understanding their challenges, and creating solutions to meet their needs.


While our strategies are proven and our core values are timeless, we know the importance of staying flexible and continuing to innovate. We are committed to identifying gaps and filling them with solutions. In our three decades, we’ve created new generosity solutions such as the One Fund, Strategy Days, The Generosity Coach, Development Assessments, the Generosity Audit, and Virtual Campaigns.


The Generis team is composed of practitioners who have real-life experience working in churches, faith based non-profit organizations, and Christian schools. We have strategists who live and work in every corner of the country, have different theological backgrounds, and a breadth of experience. Our greatest strength is our diversity. When you work with a Generis strategist, you have access to our collective experience and support. We partner together to serve our clients.


We are culture-changers. Our goal is to weave generosity into the very fabric of your church or organization’s culture. We apply a “make-it-last” mindset to everything we do so that what we accomplish together will outlive the length of any single campaign, project, or initiative. Our success is your long-term, sustainable success.

For years, we’d heard of a need for fundraisers with expertise in capital campaigns, annual fund strategies, board development, and major gift programs for faith-based schools, nonprofits, universities, and seminaries. So, in 2015 under the leadership of R. Mark Dillon, Ph.D., we began building a team of highly skilled, strongly credentialed development professionals each of whom has a strong faith in Christ and a passion for raising resources for educational institutions and ministries. Today, this team is known as Total Advancement Solutions and specializes in partnering with faith-based non-profit organizations, Christian schools and colleges, seminaries and camps.

Complexity is a natural by-product of a growing church. Left unchecked, that complexity can create a lid over that growth that becomes very hard to push through. As we’ve worked with churches, we’ve learned that a lid over growth is also a limitation on generosity. When churches are struggling with generosity, they are almost always struggling in other ways as well. The struggle with giving is simply a by-product of other challenges. That’s why in 2019 Generis launched The Effective Ministry Team, a group of seasoned leaders who have “been there and done that” in some of America’s most influential churches. They specialize in helping ministry leaders navigate the challenges of growth, eliminate confusion, create ministry alignment, and maximize kingdom impact.

Let's Work Together

For over 30 years, we’ve delighted in helping thousands of churches and non-profit organizations close the funding gap by guiding them through a process that results in a sustainable culture of generosity. From capital campaigns to church stewardship programs to Christian school fundraising, let us help you accelerate generosity toward your God-inspired vision.

Who We Serve



Christian Schools
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Culture of Generosity

Generosity is a reflection of the heart. It flows from an understanding that all we have, are, or will ever become is not ours to possess but is ultimately owned by God. And when we fully embrace this understanding that everything is a gift, it results in us sharing with others what God has given us for the advancement of the Kingdom and the glory of God.

The Bible teaches that our God is a generous God—He freely gives us life, sustenance, and salvation. Stewardship is how we continually practice responding to the generosity we experience from God. The practice of generosity is the fullest expression of stewardship.

Now think of generosity in the context of your church, school or organization.

Imagine your staff, leaders, volunteers and givers all living open-handedly, giving God unhindered access to what He’s entrusted to them so that He can accomplish all He wants to in and through your ministry.

Imagine conversations, stories, and celebrations centered around generosity being as normal as breathing for your organization—no tension, frustration or apprehension. Just the joy of celebrating what God is doing in and through your organization.

Imagine the kingdom impact when your givers clearly understand the mission and rally behind it with open hearts ready to see how God will move.

All of these things can happen within your church, school or organization. This could be your reality.

At Generis, we believe biblical understanding of stewardship and generosity can transform culture, transform hearts and make those God-inspired visions a reality. We’ve seen it happen in churches, schools and organizations around the world. We want to see it happen for you.

Get Started

Take your first step toward a generous culture.


After completing a brief intake form, you’ll then be connected with a Generosity strategist who has been expertly matched based on your church or organization dynamics and specified needs.


Your Generosity strategist will meet with you to dive deeper into your needs and goals. A tailored, strategic plan will be developed to accelerate generosity in your
church or organization.


Once your plan is developed, your Generosity strategist will guide you through the steps of implementation, ensuring success and stability along the way.