Faith-Based, Non-Profit Organizations

When you look at the big picture of your organization, you see the accomplishments, victories and milestones you’ve reached. But the truth is, you know that there is so much more you could do—if you just had the funds to do it.

There is often a gap between the God-inspired vision you have for your organization and the ability to fund it. We understand how frustrating and defeating that can be. Meeting your funding goals and reaching your mission can’t be left to chance. Our team is here to guide you.

Total Advancement Solutions is a division of Generis dedicated to partnering with faith-based non-profit organizations, Christian schools and colleges, seminaries and camps. Our team of highly-skilled, strongly-credentialed development professionals specializes in helping your faith-based non-profit organization rethink your current reality to make new things possible.

When you work with an Advancement strategist, you are working with someone who has been in your shoes, felt the tension of your role, and has faced many of the same challenges as you have. The Advancement team is composed of practitioners who have real life experience working in faith-based non-profit organizations. We’ve been there, done that, and now are here on the other side ready to guide leaders like you.

“Generis began where great consultants do; they asked probing questions and then they listened … carefully! And then…boom!! They provided insights and recommendations that pointed us clearly to a preferred future. Better than we could have imagined.”

Dr. Craig Sider, CEO, New York City Leadership Center

Are you ready to take generosity to a new level in your organization?

You have a major vision you want to fulfill, but you need some guidance to get there.

Our Total Advancement Solutions Team partners with organizations like yours by:

Connecting with you and your team to understand your organization’s culture and DNA. What we build together must fit the unique needs and context of your organization.

Evaluating your funding reality, identifying where the funding gaps are, and helping uncover sources and strategies that will facilitate increased fundraising.

Developing a specific development strategy for you by combining Biblical principles of financial stewardship with your vision designed to achieve the funding goals you have for your organization.

Helping you generate the optimal amount of funding for your project through different avenues and reach your funding goals.

Guiding and supporting you and your team every step of the way – you’re not in this alone.

And, with our Kingdom-focus and make-it-last mindset, we ensure that everything that we accomplish together outlives the length of any one campaign, project, or initiative.

Advancement Solutions


Our team of experts provides guidance for every stage of your campaign from feasibility study to campaign planning and execution. We create customized strategies to communicate vision, ensure board alignment, engage major givers, host events, onboard new givers, and track progress toward your goals.

Development Assessment

We dig deep into your giving data, evaluate print and online communications, explore mission/vision alignment with fundraising processes, assess the return on investment of your events, evaluate staff roles, and make customized recommendations for strengthening your development program.

Interim Leadership

Our team members can temporarily fill most open roles from chief development officer to annual fund director. Also, we help you build a position profile for your open position, assist with the interview process, and guide you in onboarding your new hire.

Development Plan

We come alongside you to set gift income goals, acquire new donors, expand communication strategies, build a stronger major gifts program, add a planned gifts program, help your board understand their role in fundraising, and ensure execution by assigning specific tasks and dates to the right people.

Major Giving Program Development

We help you identify major givers, create unique strategies to engage with them, and provide coaching for staff and board members who will be involved in the process. We help develop and/or enhance major gift programs for organizations of any size.

Feasibility Study

Through targeted one-on-one interviews with your highest capacity givers, a full analysis of your giving data, and a thorough review of your organizational structure, we provide an honest assessment of your campaign readiness and a realistic campaign goal for your organization to pursue.

Annual Giving

We help you assess the performance of your current annual fund or help you build one from the ground up. We provide best practice strategies for identifying new annual fund givers, encouraging current givers to increase their annual gifts, and stewarding these loyal givers by thanking them creatively and keeping them in the loop about how your organization is fulfilling its mission.

Constituency Relations Programs

Our Total Advancement Solutions team has experience in creating and growing constituency relations programs of all types and sizes. Whether you are starting an Alumni Relations program for a 25-year-old school, or you want to strategically deepen your relationship with thousands of your alumni across the globe, we can help.

Wealth Analysis

Conducting wealth screening for your database is a great fundraising tool. We take the mystery out of the information and provide specific recommendations to help you find the hidden gems in your database and increase the overall culture of generosity in your organization.

How It Works


An expertly matched Advancement Strategist will meet with you to understand your organizations’s unique DNA, assess the health of your development program, and dive deeper into your development needs and goals.


Our team of experienced experts will help you find the right path forward. Together we’ll build a unique development strategy that will mobilize your givers and accelerate generosity in your organization.


Your Advancement Strategist will guide you through the steps of implementation, ensuring success and stability along the way. We come alongside your team, helping you reach your development goals and build a stronger future for your organization.

What Leaders Are Saying...

Partnering with Faith-Based Non-Profit Organizations to Accelerate Generosity

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