Don Linscott

Founding Partner

Don Linscott is a Founding Partner of Generis and has served hundreds of churches as their generosity strategist since 1984. He has demonstrated his gifts, commitment, and experience by helping America's largest churches raise tens of millions of dollars while continuing to help all churches looking for guidance and growth in generosity.

An inspiring speaker, Don is also an effective writer and author of "The Lifestyle Stewardship Bible Study Series." Those who have worked with Don have expressed appreciation for his caring, cooperative, creative, and competent approach to working with their unique circumstances.

Don believes:

  • The kingdom of God on earth is to grow.
  • The local church is God's primary instrument to facilitate that growth.
  • Growth is costly.
  • Therefore, a growing church must be financially free in order to fulfill its purpose.
  • Don says, "I'm sure there are many reasons why a church may not grow but lack of funds should never be one of them."


Don Linscott


Lifestyle Stewardship recognizes that God's primary interest is in people, not pocketbooks. At the same time, people's devotion to God is always reflected in the stewardship of daily life. Stewardship is the intersecting point between the Lordship of Christ and the Lifestyle of the Christian.