Erik Ely

Senior Generosity Strategist

Erik Ely is a generosity strategist with more than 20 years of leadership experience in the market place and the local church. Erik's experience in business and ministry allows him to have a unique perspective on ministry. He draws on his gifts in leadership, administration, strategic planning, and financial analysis to help churches reach their God-given potential and vision.

Erik has a passion for local churches that want to have an impact in their community and he knows that every church is a unique reflection of Christ; no two are alike. With that in mind, he customizes each plan through a fresh relational approach that honors each church's distinct story and role in God's kingdom.

As a former business manager Erik has managed businesses as large as $40 million dollars a year with up to 300 employees. Erik's ministry experience has allowed him to be a Director of Operations, Administrative Pastor and most recently an Executive Pastor. These churches have ranged in size from 800 to over 2,100 and given him the experience of resourcing large church staffs. Erik has personally been involved in multiple building campaigns as both a staff person and a volunteer.

Erik resides in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife and three sons.


Erik Ely


The last thing that should be on a pastor's mind is money for ministry, yet for most of us it is the first thing. I have experienced first hand the frustration of staff and volunteers that have all the dreams and plans for great ministry, but don't have the funds to make it happen. I have also experienced ministry that is well resourced and there is a huge difference in impact and momentum. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a community catching the fire of generosity and watching the ministry take off!