Rusty Lewis, CFRE

Vice President

As an organized, discerning, and effective teacher and communicator, Rusty brings a highly customized approach to each initiative, recognizing that every church is motivated by unique concerns. His passion for building relationships with compelling ministries has drawn him to serve some of the most innovative and growing churches in America, including those embracing multi-site strategies. Having partnered with churches large and small, within 15 different denominations and non-denominational churches, Rusty is skilled at creating new processes with proven methods to fit the local culture of each congregation.

Rusty and Andrea live in the St. Louis area and have two children. Both are pursuing degrees at the University of Central Missouri; Ryan in aviation and Ashley in music education. Rusty enjoys great music (played really loud), golfing, motorcycling and Cardinal baseball.


Rusty Lewis, CFRE


Every initiative requires its own uniquely creative approach to ignite passion for a project that will ultimately drive ministry expansion and effectiveness. From the first meeting to final completion, I help leaders and organizations create strategies that promote awareness, build momentum and stimulate action. In a culture bombarded with marketing toward materialism, my ultimate calling is to foster environments where people desire to earnestly seek God to become unselfishly, even lavishly, openhanded toward a common purpose.