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A Culture of Generosity for Your Church, School, or Organization.

Generis exists to help churches, schools and faith-based nonprofit organizations weave a culture of generosity into the very fabric of who they are. When there is a thriving culture of generosity, there is growth, mission advancement, and acceleration toward the vision God gave you. A culture of generosity is more than fundraising — it’s kingdom-minded stewardship.

Who We Serve


A Generis Strategist helps you see clearly what your vision advancement could be in light of your current financial situation. We take your mission and vision and pair them with our proven strategies to help you move the needle on generosity. Our approach to developing a culture of generosity is not siloed, it is a holistic strategy that engages your ministries and promotes mission alignment.


Generis works with faith-based non-profit organizations to develop unique, comprehensive strategies that will fund your God-inspired vision. We’ll weave together biblical principles, best giving practices, and your organization’s DNA into a strategy that will help you rethink your current reality to make new things possible.

Christian Schools
+ universities

When you have a gap between your vision for your school and the ability to fund it, it can be frustrating to find effective, real-life solutions that truly make a difference in your development program. Our team will guide you to the solutions you need to close the gap and move your mission forward.

From generosity coaching to capital campaigns to developing your givers, Generis can help you reach the vision God has given your church or organization.

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The Generis Difference

We take biblical principles, your culture and distinct DNA, proven strategies, and create a unique plan designed for your church or organization.

What if you could work alongside someone who eliminates confusion, creates alignment, and accelerates impact? The Generis team has joined hundreds of leaders like you in their mission of kingdom advancement.

Understanding and aligning your unique culture is paramount in creating your tailor-made plan. We take your DNA, biblical principles, our tried and true strategies, plus over three decades of experience to develop a game plan that is a perfect fit for you.

Mission Advancement

Generis’ solutions help close the gap between your current resources and your God-inspired vision by guiding you through a process that results in a sustainable culture of generosity.

Decades of experience

When you work with a Generis Strategist, you are working with someone who has been in your shoes, felt the tension of your role, and has faced many of the same challenges as you have. The Generis team is composed of practitioners who have real-life experience working in churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, and Christian schools. We’ve been there, done that, and now are here on the other side ready to guide leaders like you.

Personalized Support

Our principles are biblically rooted, our strategies are consistent and proven, and we always deploy them in alignment with the culture and DNA of your organization. We provide one-on-one support for creating and implementing a culture of generosity, and we work closely with your team to ensure that what we create together honors the identity of your church or organization.

Make It Last

We are culture-changers. Our goal is to weave discipleship-driven generosity and stewardship into the very fabric of your church or organization’s culture.
We apply “make it last” mindset to everything we do so that what we accomplish together will outlive the length of any single campaign, project, or initiative.

Culture of Generosity

Generosity is a reflection of the heart. It flows from an understanding that all we have, are, or will ever become is not ours to possess but is ultimately owned by God. And when we fully embrace this understanding that everything is a gift, it results in us sharing with others what God has given us for the advancement of the Kingdom and the glory of God.

At Generis, we believe the biblical understanding of stewardship and generosity can transform culture, transform hearts and make those God-inspired visions a reality. We’ve seen it happen in churches, schools, and organizations around the world. We want to see it happen for you.

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Get Started

Take your first step toward a generous culture.


After completing a brief intake form, you’ll then be connected with a Generosity Strategist who has been expertly matched based on your church or organization dynamics and specified needs.


Your Generosity Strategist will meet with you to dive deeper into your needs and goals. A tailored, strategic plan will be developed to accelerate generosity in your
church or organization.


Once your plan is developed, your Generosity Strategist will guide you through the steps of implementation, ensuring success and stability along the way.

Featured Resources

Why is your offering moment not working?

The offering moment is your weekly opportunity to teach the biblical understanding of generosity and stewardship. However, for many churches, this moment often is left on autopilot and tends to fall flat on Sunday morning. How can your church engage in this weekly opportunity to inspire your givers and establish a culture of generosity?

Is A Capital Campaign In Your Future?

Time and again we’ve seen God use capital campaigns to accelerate growth, impact communities, and galvanize organizations in exciting ways. Is now the right time for your organization to step forward in faith and pursue the God-inspired dream on your heart?

In this resource, you’ll find an explanation of the essential elements of a successful campaign, along with practical tips for accomplishing each step in the campaign journey.

  • An aligned mission
  • A unified board of directors
  • A detailed plan
  • A culture of gratitude
  • And many more elements that you can't skip
Budgets & Tithing

Are the people in your church struggling in their giving journeys? Would you even know it if they were?

Biblical stewardship and generosity is a journey that goes beyond the tithe and church budget. However, too often, we see local church leaders unintentionally limit their kingdom reach because their vision is tied to budgetary goals.

In this resource, we unpack the perspectives and vocabulary that might be limiting the spiritual growth of the people in your church and what it means to steward the resources that God has given His people.

Accelerating Generosity

A culture of generosity doesn't just happen in a church, it must be intentionally built. This eBook gives you a step-by-step plan to cultivate a culture of generosity in your church.

This resource covers:

  • How to create a culture of giving
  • Three things you must do to cultivate generosity
  • Seven things that stifle a culture of generosity
Giving Days Resources

A designated giving day is an opportunity to engage those connected to your school or organization, invite them to participate in your mission, and celebrate what you've accomplished together.

This bundle of resources includes:

  • Giving Days Overview
  • Giving Days: What to Consider
  • 3 Lies (and 2 Truths) About Giving Days
  • Giving Day: A Staple to your Annual Fund Program

A quarterly publication of resources created by the Generis team aimed at helping you develop a thriving culture of generosity and stewardship in your church.

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