Dave Travis

Strategic Counsel to Pastors & Church Boards

Meet Dave Travis

Dave has a wealth of experience from pastoral ministry and the business world. He has worked as a pastor as well as consulted with many churches in different contexts. Through Leadership Network he has had the privilege of learning from many esteemed mentors. His involvement in this network has taken him all over the country to work with various ministries and with some of the country’s leading pastors.

Dave earned a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a B.S. in Management from Georgia Tech. He also did a short course at the Harvard Business School in Strategic Perspectives for Nonprofit Management. These accomplishments combined help Dave to offer a unique perspective for the churches with which he consults. Dave is the author of three published books and is a noted speaker and consultant to megachurches across the country.

Dave’s biggest interests are reading and traveling. He is also a Georgia Tech basketball season ticket holder and a collector of Southern Folk art. He is married to Lynne and they have two daughters.



There are seasons in every church where a team needs to go heads down and implement a new strategy or solve a pressing problem. In a Ministry Strategy engagement, one or more of our leaders will help you uncover the right solutions for the season you’re in. They will also walk alongside to help you execute with greater speed and effectiveness. Journeys like these are highly tailored to your unique church mission, culture and people.

Succession is the intentional transition of power, authority and responsibility from one primary leader to another. In most of these cases the Senior Leader seeks to productively transition their own ministry and the life of the church to a new season. Many of these are founders, or “founder-like” in that the ministry has significantly grown over many years of ministry. The church is often ill-prepared to deal with the situation because of the size of the church. Copying another church’s process is often not the best choice for many churches. Why? Because each church has unique dynamics and cultures.

From time to time every church finds itself in a place where it needs to examine its future ministry plans. The results of the current ministry direction are not seeing the fruit desired. The leaders desire to look and consider deeply what the future could hold for the church.

Alignment of the board, strategic leadership team and staff is essential to a church making strides towards its goals. Every few years growing, vital churches need to adjust and sometimes change the plans, structures and responsibilities to productively move into its next season.


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