Feasibility Study

Is this the right decision for our organization? Is the timing right?

“Lighthouse has had the privilege of working with Generis on two separate occasions. Both times were inspiring and worthwhile. They were sensitive to our budget and time constraints. They provided practical ideas for us to implement, and also assisted us in developing God-honoring longer-term goals for our ministry. We also experienced our highest income to date!”
~ Debbie Provincer, Executive Director, Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center

From time to time, we talk with organizations that have a project in mind and know they will need funding to see it through, but they’re just not sure if the timing is right. We can give you an honest assessment of where your organization is on the readiness scale when we do a Feasibility Study with you to answer the following types of questions:

· Is this the right decision for our organization?
· Is the timing right?
· Are we seeing ROI from our fundraising efforts?
· Is a campaign in our future?
· If so, how much could we raise?

A Feasibility Study will help you make an informed decision on the project you’re working on based on interviews, information, and data, positioning your organization for the best possible outcome.

At Generis, we bring objectivity and years of experience in assessing opportunity—and achieving balance—in the important and dynamic area of resource allocation for maximum return. Consisting of targeted on-site interviews, data and collateral assessment and a thorough written report with specific recommendations, a complete Feasibility Study will provide the analysis and data you need to elevate your fundraising efforts and help you rethink reality based on your future potential, not your current reality.