Our Process

Your vision and context is unique and thus we approach every relationship with a highly tailored approach. While the principles we believe in are consistent and proven, we always deploy them in alignment with the culture and DNA of your church.

To enter into the giving conversation with leadership requires sensitivity and trust. It demands a tailored and thoughtful approach that can only come from learning about your organization and building a deep level of understanding.

A culture of generosity looks different for each organization but there is typically an abundance of opportunity far beyond what leaders envision on their own. We will help you understand your full potential and set realistic goals on how and when it can be fully realized.

Once we have full alignment, we present a plan that fits your needs. Think of it as a customized blueprint that clarifies the entire journey.

We have dedicated our lives to helping others realize their potential. We coach and guide you based on real life, in the trenches experience—not templates or theory. Whether virtually or in-person, we walk alongside you through every step of the process and help you avoid the “stupid tax”.

At the end of every project awaits a celebration, a formal way to share the stories of how God has worked and lives have changed. This time marks a new beginning as people realize their lives will never be the same.