“A culture of generosity requires effective vision, leadership, strategies and systems across all areas of ministry.” – Jim Sheppard, Generis Principal

How is complexity holding you back?


Do your ministries operate out of sync with each other?


Do key people struggle to articulate your WHY?


Do people seem to lack passion about your mission? 

We bring clarity to the complicated!

What We Do

Family Ministry

A healthy Family Ministry is as critical to a church as great teaching and worship. We help your Family Ministry team maximize engagement with kids, students, parents, and volunteers.

Weekend Experience

The weekend worship experience is an essential element of any thriving church. While home-run sermons and top-notch worship are important, many times people who walk through your doors are tuned in or turned off by the details in between. Our team will help take your weekend experience to the next level by evaluating environments, wayfinding, worship experience, and more and then working with you to create a customized development plan.


Healthy churches have healthy leaders, but many senior ministry leaders struggle with loneliness, the weight of leadership, and navigating complex ministry problems. We provide coaching and support to walk alongside of you in order to strengthen and equip you to lead your church and achieve your God-sized vision.


The Church isn’t a building; it’s people living on mission together. But one of the greatest challenges ministry leaders face is moving people from attending on the weekends to meaningful engagement. We leverage years of experience in churches of all sizes to help you build an effective discipleship pathway with the proven systems to support it.


Groups can be the foundation of real life-change, transformation and spiritual growth, but many churches “wing it” when it comes to their groups strategy. We can help you develop your staff to lead a groups department at your church, develop effective systems for raising up group leaders, and create an effective groups strategy based on your unique culture and context.


Going multisite is an exciting and powerful way to multiply your reach. It’s also fraught with minefields that can derail your growth. We help you determine whether multisite is right for you and, if you’re already there, we’ll help you make the most of it.

Multiplication & Growth

Healthy churches grow and multiply at every level of ministry. We help you develop simple, reproducible systems that you need in order to reach more people for Jesus, multiply leaders, grow your church, and create greater impact.

Succession Planning

Leadership succession has now become one of the most pressing issues facing today’s church. The process of making a healthy transition into a new ministry season cannot be taken lightly. Furthermore, because every church has unique dynamics and cultures, it is a risky proposition to copy another church’s process. Let us help you design your unique move into the next season of ministry in a way that aligns with your people, your culture and your most effective future.


We are called to be a light to the world, but one of the greatest challenges churches face is the rapidly changing face of missions. We will help you navigate this changing landscape with current research and best practices that help you make a tangible and trustworthy impact in your community while also mobilizing engagement in your congregation.

What’s next?

The life cycle of ministry can come with seasons of dramatic change which has the potential to cripple growth and impact. Our expert team can help you navigate the complex waters of pastoral succession planning, new chapters of ministry, and other new pathways. We help you find the clarity and direction needed for the road ahead.

Your church is unique
and so are your complexities.

The context, people, resources, and visions of each church vary. Therefore, no engagement should look the same. Our process was designed with this in mind as we seek to provide you with a custom solution that aligns with the culture and personality of your ministry.

A customized approach begins with true understanding. We start with active listening to fully understand your church’s unique story.

Your church has unique pain points, untapped potential, and incredible opportunity. We help identify and surface areas of powerful growth and capability.

Our team of practitioners will work alongside you to design a customized blueprint to take your church to the next level of effective ministry.

We walk alongside your team to help implement your customized blueprint, helping you maximize opportunity and avoid common pitfalls.

Your increased effectiveness will generate amazing stories of impact and life-change!

How We Do It

We offer a variety of solutions designed to address your unique needs, hurdles, culture, and season.


This is where the Discovery part of our process begins. Think of if as an x-ray of your specific challenge or area of opportunity.  Together we uncover what’s working well, what needs improvement, and where to begin as you move towards a more effective future.


Ministry is more fun together, and many times other leaders share the same pain points and hangups that you are experiencing. A Collective is a cohort-style engagement that allows you to solve problems and uncover new strategies with a group of peers over the course of 4-6 weeks.


Every leader needs someone in their corner championing their best. One-on-one coaching is one of the best opportunities for ministry leaders like you to be equipped, encouraged, and challenged to chase God’s dream for your life and ministry.


There are seasons in every church where a team needs to go heads down and implement a new strategy or solve a pressing problem. In a consulting engagement, one or more of our leaders will help you uncover the right solutions for the season you’re in. They will also walk alongside to help you execute with greater speed and effectiveness. Journeys like these are highly tailored to your unique church mission, culture and people.

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