Ken Schafer

Generosity Strategist


Meet Ken Schafer

For nearly two decades, Ken Schafer used his entrepreneurial leanings to minister bi-vocationally in a multicultural context. A mid-life transition to full-time ministry gave him an even bigger vision for serving people and churches.

Before joining Ramsey Solutions to work with the country’s largest churches, he was the stewardship pastor at Christ Fellowship in Miami, Florida.

Ken fervently believes in the power of stewardship initiatives to build community and fast-track spiritual growth.

Ken is an obsessive long-distance runner, a proud father of two adopted children. Ken has been married to Julie for 24 years and serves as the stewardship minister at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee. He occasionally volunteers as a juggling instructor.


No matter the size of your God-inspired plans, it can be daunting to think about finding the necessary resources to make it happen. With Generis, you’re not alone. Our customized campaign approach will help you assess and reframe your current reality, allowing you to reach your goals while also establishing a foundation for increased generosity.

Sometimes we need more help than just campaign advice. One-on-one guidance, encouragement, and accountability with a coach brings out the best in us and accelerates our ability to execute those big, “only God” dreams. The Generis coaching experience is designed to align with your greatest needs and is delivered over a period of time that makes the most sense for you.

The innovative, battle-tested One Fund approach is a powerful option for churches that seek to establish a long-term culture of giving. It eliminates the sometimes confusing habit of multiple appeals, and instead teaches people the fundamental principles of generosity and stewardship.

The Generosity Pulse Report is a snapshot of the health of your generosity culture. By assessing the long-term health of your church’s giving and providing a clear view of your current finances, the Generosity Pulse Report eliminates the guesswork and offers your team confidence and understanding of your financial reality.


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