Dave López

Generosity Strategist

Meet Dave López

David López comes to the Generis team with over 18 years of domestic and international ministry experience. His call to the ministry began in while he was in college attending Trinity International University. After completing his BA, he and his wife Adriana moved to Ft Worth, TX to complete their graduate work at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Post-grad school, they served as church planting missionaries in Milan, Italy through the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Upon returning to Miami, López served as an associate pastor at a local church for three years. Sensing a change in direction, López stepped into a different form of ministry in the non-profit world by joining Hope for Miami for almost four years serving as a project manager, grant writer, case manager, and Senior Team member.

In 2010, López received an invitation by Christ Fellowship to serve as the Downtown Campus Pastor. In his time there, he was also part of the teaching team, Directional Leadership Team, and helped to start new campuses and church plants on behalf of the church. He was also the Executive Director of the church’s non-profit, Caring for Miami. Currently, Dave serves as one of the elders at Cornerstone Miami. He also works with the Florida Baptist Financial Services providing services in the area of estate planning, church investments, church loans, stewardship guidance, and client relations.  

He has completed his Doctorate of Intercultural Studies through Western Seminary with an emphasis on Hispanic culture and work.

Dave, his wife of 19 years, Adriana, and their two kids live in Miami.

In his spare time, Dave likes to travel, go to the gym, and eat really good food.

David López viene al equipo de Generis con más de 18 años de experiencia en el ministerio nacional e internacional. Su llamado al ministerio comenzó cuando estaba en la universidad y asistía a Trinity International University. Después de completar su licenciatura, él y su esposa Adriana se mudaron a Ft Worth, TX para completar su trabajo de graduación en el Seminario Teológico Bautista del Suroeste. Sirvieron como misioneros de plantación de iglesias en Milán, Italia, a través de la Junta de Misiones Internacionales de la Convención Bautista del Sur (IMB), siendo esto parte del trabajo de Escuela de Posgrado.

Al regresar a Miami, López se desempeñó como pastor asociado en una iglesia local durante tres años. Al discernir un cambio de dirección, López entró en una forma diferente de ministerio, en el mundo sin fines de lucro, al unirse a Hope for Miami durante casi cuatro años como gerente de proyectos, redactor de subvenciones, administrador de casos y miembro del Equipo Principal.

En 2010, López recibió una invitación de Christ Fellowship Church (CFC) para servir como Pastor del Campus del Downtown. En su tiempo allí, también formó parte del equipo de enseñanza, el Equipo de Liderazgo Direccional, y ayudó a iniciar nuevos campus e iglesias en nombre de CFC. También fue el Director Ejecutivo de la organización sin fines de lucro de CFC, Caring for Miami. Actualmente, David es uno de los pastores de la iglesia Cornerstone Miami.

Actualmente está terminando su Doctorado en Educación en Estudios Interculturales a través del Western Seminary con énfasis en la cultura y el trabajo hispano.

David, su esposa de 19 años, Adriana y sus dos hijos viven en Miami.

En su tiempo libre, a David le gusta viajar, entrenar para mitad maratones y comer realmente bien.


No matter the size of your God-inspired dreams, it can be daunting to think about chasing down the necessary resources. The truth is that while vision almost always exceeds current realities, the means to support your vision is within your grasp. 

With Generis, you’re not alone. Our customized Campaign approach will help you assess, rethink and reframe your current reality, allowing you to reach your specific goals while also establishing a foundation for increased generosity overall.

Let’s be honest; there are times when one-on-one guidance, encouragement and accountability brings out the best in us and accelerates our ability to chase down those big, audacious dreams. The Generis Coaching experience is designed to align with your greatest needs and is delivered over a period of time that makes the most sense for you.

There are seasons in every church where a team needs to go heads down and implement a new strategy or solve a pressing problem. In a Ministry Strategy engagement, one or more of our leaders will help you uncover the right solutions for the season you’re in. They will also walk alongside to help you execute with greater speed and effectiveness. Journeys like these are highly tailored to your unique church mission, culture and people.

From time to time, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the habits of your overall giving climate to see what is currently working as well as where opportunities for a culture of generosity to increase might exist.

The Generosity Assessment is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity. Think of it like an x-ray into the giving perspective of the church.


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