Every church wants to bless the community around them, fulfilling their call be be a light to the world. Every church also wants to deeply engage their congregation, empowering them to be hands and feet in missions. What if you could do that–plus a whole lot more–in a single program. We call it Innove.

Innove provides a comprehensive missions engagement for your entire church that engages the business professionals in your congregation in order to launch brand new social ventures that do measurable good for people in your church’s surrounding community. Generis will help your church implement your Innove, providing structure and management of the project that includes coaching and step-by-step know how.

 About Innove

Innove is a pioneering approach to missions that has been called “Shark Tank for Churches.” It’s uniqueness extends further because it allows a church to do several things at once:

  • Spark your congregation’s interest in mission and service by engaging their vocational expertise.
  • Engage your congregation more deeply by applying their vocational experience to mission-minded projects.
  • Draw older and younger generations together for a common cause.
  • All while launching new social ventures into the world to do good.

Innove empowers churches to coach, resource, and launch social innovation ideas in their own communities. It does this by providing step-by-step know how in how to recruit and train volunteers, publicize the program, and evaluate applicants. Churches are given direction in incorporating theologies of mission into congregational and vocational life, while pastors get communication tools to help you talk about the program within the congregation, fundraising ideas, and more.

You can also read this case study to understand more about the theology, as well as the research and development that went into creating the Innove.

Learn What Innove Can Do For Your Church