Are you ready to say yes to growth? It's not about the building. Buildings are either assets that will facilitate ministry growth, or liabilities that will hinder growth. What you are funding is ministry capacity. This resource will help you understand how to approach your next expansion project, multisite campus, or relocation in a way that will have your real estate working for you, and not you for it. Wherever you are in the process of expanding your ministry footprint, this resource delves into the details you may not have considered. It will help you eliminate the guesswork of expansion so that you can say yes to growth!

This Resource Includes:

  • Expert knowledge on real estate: Most pastors didn't get training in the world of finance and real estate. This resource will define a conceptual model of the approach to using real estate to expand ministry
  • Several options to consider for church growth: You may be wondering whether you should lease an existing building or start construction on newly purchased land. Or perhaps you think you're ready for multisite. This resource will help guide you in the right direction for your church
  • Graphs, charts, and visuals: Helpful, visual resources to help you understand how to use this concepts defined within this book to apply them to your church's growth model.
  • And much more

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