Development Assessment


“Generis brought a wise and needed outside perspective to our development planning. “
~ Dr. Chip Roper, The New York City Leadership Center

When you look at your Development Program, do you find it lacking? Maybe it’s full of potential but just not producing? Or maybe you feel like it’s stuck?

A highly functioning development program allocates its resources strategically in three critical areas: annual operational, major capital, and planned gifts.

Chances are, this “three-legged stool,” which is critical to the present and future well-being of your organization, is a little wobbly! We’ve been there. Questions like, “are we getting the best ROI from our annual giving program,” “how much should we be investing in our major gift potential,” and “how important is our current planned giving effort to our future viability?” are all open for strategic consideration.

A complete Development Audit could be the answer.

At Generis, we bring objectivity and years of experience in assessing opportunity—and achieving balance—in the important and dynamic area of resource allocation for maximum return.

Consisting of targeted on-site interviews, data and collateral assessment and a thorough written report with specific recommendations, a complete Development Audit will provide the analysis and data you need to elevate your development performance.

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