Churches all over the country welcome first-time guests on a weekly basis. Many of these first-time guests are families. How can churches help families to feel welcome when they walk through the doors? More importantly, how can churches make a lasting impact that will compel these families to return?

We know that when families feel welcome and make a connection, the likelihood of their return increases. We don?t want to drop the ball on ministering to these families. It should be the goal of every family ministry to show the parents and children who come through that they are seen, loved, and cared for.

In this resource we will help you understand how to take new families from first-time guests to active participants in the local church bod

This Resource Will:

  • Provide tips for elevating your family ministry's first-time guest experience.
  • Highlight examples of effective first-time guest follow up strategies.
  • Identify the importance of opportunities for connection and examples of how to create them.
  • And much more

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