Board and Staff Strategic Planning

One common mistake growing churches make is failure to realign board and staff roles every three years to fit the current context and church situation. Alignment of the board, strategic leadership team and staff is essential to a church making strides towards its goals and objectives. Every few years growing, vital churches need to adjust and sometimes change the plans, structures and responsibilities to productively move into its next season.

There is a difference between a springboard diving board and a platform diving board. A platform is rigid, solid and forces the diver to generate all the momentum to execute a dive.

A springboard though provides the bounce, lift and propulsion to take the diver higher to perform more beautiful results.

Springboards can be adjusted, while platforms are static. The mistake most make is treating the board staff role definitions as platforms rather than springboards to take a church higher.

The Springboard process is used to align and adjust board and staff around key objectives and roles for the future. It involves the hard work of adjusting role descriptions, responsibilities and accountabilities for “who does what and when” for growing churches moving beyond their current structures for good teamwork to take place.

“Dave Tavis is a Renaissance man when comes to the American church. I know of no one who has a better sense of current critical movements and who is better networked with deep relationships with emerging leaders across our nation. His strategic insights and breath of historical knowledge never ceases to amaze me. “
~ Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor, Lake Pointe Church

Elements of a Board and Staff Strategic Planning:

  • Onsite meetings with consultant with Senior Leadership/Team.
  • Individual and Group Interviews/Focus Groups.
  • Analysis of current information/programs/plans/methods.
  • Delivery of various written reports with video meetings and discussions.
  • Surveys where needed. External data analysis.


A multi month process of engagement with the consultant to fully process the changes needed.

  • Data gathering from the church to provide needed background and documents.
  • Working with board and strategic leadership team to evaluate current roles and goals.
  • Adjustment of responsibilities based on current situation as it stands.
  • Clear alignment for all engaged to productively move to next season in the life of the church.
  • Evaluation, definition of staff assignments and coaching playbook for staff by individual.
  • Follow through accountability and coaching to avoid the potholes.



  • A series of reports and plans for consideration and adjustment throughout the process.
  • Support to make the changes needed as required.
  • A realigned system focused on the church objectives and proper roles for board, staff and others.



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