Regardless of your ministry’s size and scope, there is almost always a gap between your resources and your God-inspired vision. Our team of experienced Generosity strategists will come alongside you and guide you in developing a thriving culture of generosity for your church that will fund your vision for years to come.



We’ll assess your current culture of generosity and provide a church stewardship strategy that engages and mobilizes your givers.


Generis’ team of experienced experts will help identify the right path forward based on your unique goals and needs.


We’ll come alongside you and your team to reach your generosity goals and God-inspired vision.


Get the support you need for inspiring generosity in your church that maximizes church growth and enables discipleship development. Our experts in church generosity and stewardship strategy will help you craft a giver engagement plan that not only endears and motivates givers toward your ministry goals, but brings your church members into a closer relationship with Jesus.

We’ve found that one of the greatest lids on generosity in the church is misalignment among church ministries. From family ministry to succession planning to church expansion – if your church lacks alignment your mission impact will be limited. Our Effective Ministry experts help identify roadblocks and bring vision, strategy and systems to realign all areas of ministry in your church.