Family Ministry Strategy

Need a comprehensive evaluation of your entire Family Ministry Strategy? This on-site assessment will focus on seven primary areas: vision, volunteer experience, programming, parent engagement, data, environment, and infrastructure.

Jessica Bealer gets both church and people. Having been on the inside track of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the country, she knows the unique pressures and challenges leaders face both organizationally and personally. She understands the nuances of leadership, organizational complexity and people in a way that’s both valuable and helpful. You’ll be so thankful you’ve worked with Jess. “
~ Brian Jones, Director of Family Ministry Services

The Family Ministry Services Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your entire Family Ministry Strategy and the weekly execution thereof.

This on-site assessment will focus on seven primary areas:

  • Vision– Strategy, Mission, Demographic, Staffing & Cultures
  • Volunteer Experience– Recruiting, On-boarding, Care, Training, Accountability & Appreciation
  • Programming– Small Group, Large Group, Worship, Curriculum & Special Needs
  • Parent Engagement– Communication, Events, Social Media, Education & Empowerment
  • Data- Metrics, Initiatives & Goals
  • Environment– Check-in, Drop-off, Pick-up, Traffic Flow, First-time Guest Experience, Second-time Guest Experience,
  • Furnishings & Atmosphere
  • Infrastructure- Operations, Security, Technology, Communications, Policies and Procedures, Systems & Standards

Before the weekend assessment, significant work is done in preparation. Key leaders send in responses to questions concerning their area of responsibility. Your team also collects varied documents of current and historical data, policies and procedures, examples of current communication, volunteer orientation and training documents and more. These will be reviewed before the onsite assessment.

The day(s) of the assessment is full of observations, interviews and discussions. There are three 60-minute “active listening” discussions with the Senior Pastor, Executive Staff, and Family Ministry Staff.

Within 72-hours of the assessment day, you will receive a 10-15 page report presenting readable findings about next steps, strategic opportunities, limitations and affirmations. This report will include “wins” that can take your family ministry to the next level of ministry as well as critique on what might be holding your church back from . Based on this pertinent information, we will make recommendations and you can determine your next step and the level of coaching that Generis and Family Ministry Services can assist you.

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