Small groups are the heartbeat of the local church. It is often within small groups where true community happens. As church leaders, we want our small groups to thrive so that our church members can thrive.

One of the key components to successful small groups, is having the right leaders in place. Small group leaders play a vital role within the church. Someone stepping into this position must do so thoughtfully. We must take care to properly vet each potential leader and set the right expectations of what it takes to be a small group leader.

This ebook will take you through the practical steps of choosing the right small group leaders to help your church grow in relationship with Christ.

This Resource Includes:

  • Highlight the importance of setting expectations, goals, and wins for your Group Leaders before recruitment.
  • Demonstrate the importance of Group Leader descriptions, as well as pinpoint the top three components needed in the description.
  • Identify the steps needed when shifting from an existing Group model to a new approach.
  • And much more

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