Major Gift Development

This fact about fundraising is too important to be overlooked.

“Our experience with Generis has exceeded all expectations. Our guide has consistently brought top level expertise, yet has met us at every step with humility and generosity of spirit. He entered the Westminster Theological Seminary community as a counselor. He has become a confidant and friend.”
~ David B. Garner, Vice President of Advancement, Westminster Theological Seminary

You already know your ministry has an incredible amount of people supporting it. But there is a consistency that we have seen in almost every organization we’ve worked with as we look at their giving patterns from top to bottom: in almost every case, 80% of the total giving is coming from just 20% of the donors. This proves that a small number of people consistently give unusually large gifts—Major Gifts.

This fact about fundraising is too important to be overlooked.

A Major Gift is a financial pledge that represents a large part of your financial goal—up to 40-60% of the total. What we’ve seen from our 30+ years of experience with capital campaigns is that any capital campaign’s success comes from people who can and will decide to give at a higher level than most people. We can help you with the reality that you will not raise $1 million by getting $100 at a time. Without these larger gifts, you will have a hard time getting to your finish line.

This may be a new concept to you, and it can be an intimidating one. How in the world do you ask people for such large gifts? From a leadership standpoint, no one ever wants to seem like they are “just asking for money.” But the truth that we’ve seen over and over is that by ignoring major gift cultivation, you will leave a campaign far short of the preferred financial goal.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand the giving capacity of individual donors to your organization? Even better, how to approach them without scaring them away or showing favoritism? At Generis, our team has extensive experience in helping you identify where this capacity exists as well as coaching you on the conversations and approach that can effectively inspire these major gifts. We will assist your organization in reaching its goals, and ultimately, bless your givers for their generosity.

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