Missions Strategy

We are called to be a light to the world, but one of the greatest challenges churches face is the rapidly changing face of missions. Missions is typically the third largest budget item after salaries and facilities, yet it can often drift in terms of the attention it receives.

Our experienced team can help your church navigate the complex waters of missions, helping your church find the clarity that leads to impact.

The Missions Assessment is designed to offer practical assistance to help your church discover the right strategy and model that leverages your unique culture and values, leading to a tangible impact in your surrounding community while also mobilizing engagement in your congregation. We will help you navigate this changing landscape with current research, best practices, biblical principles, and a whole lot of listening to your church’s unique heart and stories.


The Missions Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of your entire missions program, including a review and analysis of your current missions activities, approach, goals, and outcomes. This on-site assessment will focus on several key areas: Vision, Strategy, Volunteerism, Impact, Community Demographics, Staffing, and Partnerships.

You get the benefit of an outside perspective but with the promise of real listening.

Before the-onsite assessment, significant work is done in preparation. Staff and other key leaders send in responses concerning their area of responsibility, as well as documents related to models used, training documents, volunteerism, examples of communication, job descriptions, and more.

The day of the assessment is full of observations, interviews, and discussions. There will be “active listening” discussions specifically with staff, key stakeholders, and volunteer lead

Within 72-hours of the assessment day, an assessment report that will include affirmations, challenges, recommendations, and clearly defined actionable items will be sent to you.

This report will include “wins” that can take your missions program to the next level of ministry as well as an analysis of what might be holding your church back from growth. Based on this pertinent information, we will make recommendations and you can determine your next step.