What you say (or don't say) impacts what people give (or don't give). This free 38-page resource is designed to help you design communication to impact giving. This can truly change your ministry and fund the God-sized vision of your church!

This Resource Covers:

  • The often missing link between ministry and generosity (and how to fix it)
  • A bit about why your givers give, and how you can reach your givers
  • Practical, step-by-step instructions on how to make sure generosity is not just part of an annual sermon series
  • Specific and quickly implementable ideas on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual communication strategies to accelerate giving
  • Suggestions on how to promote and encourage generosity through a variety of communication channels
  • Samples of every type of communication we suggest
  • And much more

“Generis began where great consultants do; they asked probing questions and then they listened … carefully! Out of their listening, they asked questions that took us to deeper and deeper levels of our reality. And then…boom, they provided insights that named what ‘is’ and gave insight and recommendations that pointed us clearly to a preferred future. Better than I could have imagined.”
~ Dr. Craig Sider, The New York City Leadership Center™

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