Church Communication Strategy

You’ve known Generis for “funding the vision” for over 30 years, not for creating effective communications strategies. That changes today because…..

People won’t give generously if your God-sized vision is unclear! You MUST communicate effectively.

Ineffective communication creates a lid on generosity and limits the impact of the vital work we do.
That’s not OK with us so we now have a team to help…a team that is fully aligned with our vision for creating a culture of generosity.

Discovery Call

This complimentary, eye-opening call with one of Generis’ Communication experts will discuss what you’re currently doing in communication and what goals you have. If you’d like, we’ll look at your website (center of your digital communication strategy) and point out some practical opportunities for improvement. That alone is worth the time of a discovery call! Then we’ll establish a plan of action for creating a communication strategy that makes your church brand and communication tools accomplish your goals!

Church Communication Assessments

After the Discovery Call, this is where our Communication process begins. Together, we’ll baseline your communication foundation for challenges and opportunities. Together, we’ll be clear about the process ahead.

Types of Communication Assessments:

  • Communication Strategy Assessment
  • Branding Communication Assessment
  • Website Communication Assessment
  • Demographic Assessment

Church Communication Collectives

Ministry is more fun together! Often other leaders share the same pain points and challenges. A Collective is a cohort-style engagement that allows you to solve problems and uncover new strategies with a group of peers over three months. Collectives include 90-minute ZOOM meetings with a Church Communication expert, discussion, shared resources, fresh insight, FAQs, and tons of ideas. It’s so much easier (and fun) to do this with a group when you’re all trying to accomplish the same thing!

Tasked with improving your Church Website? A Church Communication Expert will lead a group of you into a practical deep-dive to ensure your church website is communicating effectively to your audiences (congregation and community). We’ll also learn from others as we troubleshoot their issues!

 Working on a new Church Brand and want a Church Communication Expert to guide you through the process? Together we’ll establish the principles and practical steps to an effective church brand (communication thread and visual brand foundation).

Ensuring that your entire Church Communication Strategy works effectively is challenging. Join a motivational group of communicators who want real leadership, tips, and feedback from a Church Communication Expert about developing an effective church comm strategy. Let’s reconnect with your community while engaging your congregation!

Church Communication Coaching

You want to do the work but need guidance. Every church communication leader (Pastor, Comm Director, Social Media Coordinator, etc.) needs someone in their corner championing their best. One-on-one coaching is one of the best opportunities for ministry leaders like you to be equipped, encouraged, and challenged to chase God’s dream for your life and ministry. We ensure you accomplish all of your goals!

Virtual Coaching Experience with the Church Leadership and/or Communication Team to create an effective church brand (thread/tagline and Visual Foundation) that reconnects with the community.

Virtual Coaching Experience with the Church Leadership and/or Communication Team to create an effective church communication strategy (Calendar, Tier, Transactional Strategy).

 Virtual Coaching Experience with the Church Leadership and/or Communication Team to creatively lead and focus Generosity Campaign materials (Naming, Content, Design, SEO keywords, etc.).

Virtual Coaching Experience with the Church Leadership and/or Communication Team to create an effective church digital hub (Online Giving Strategy, Website, Print, Social, Email, Text, etc.).

Church Communication Strategy Implementation

When you need an Expert to ensure completion of the work. The Complete Implementation Process for an effective Church Communication Strategy is a six-nine month journey that includes: all communication assessments, investigation of audience, determination of church brand, and communication strategy. The Implementation Strategy can take place before, during and/or after a campaign. Some components require outsourcing, but this package is for busy churches that don’t have the team bandwidth to finish the job.