Local churches living in a digital world, but hampered with an analog mindset are quickly graying. As these churches age, resources both human and financial are negatively impacting congregations? ability to share the Gospel message in their communities. When local churches fail to adapt in rapidly changing times, as modeled for us by Luther himself 500 years ago, what does the future hold?

Through this resource, we bring both theological perspective and practical perspective. From our respective perspectives, our sincere prayer is that our words can help your church consider what it means to be the generous 21st century church God desires to share the Gospel message to our local community, region, and the ends of the earth. To God alone be the glory!

This Resource Includes:

  • A FREE 30-page guide for pastors and church financial leaders
  • 5 video case studies of how generosity was accelerated in a congregation
  • Understanding that will redefine and transform your congregation?s generosity today
  • And much more

“Generis began where great consultants do; they asked probing questions and then they listened … carefully! Out of their listening, they asked questions that took us to deeper and deeper levels of our reality. And then…boom, they provided insights that named what ‘is’ and gave insight and recommendations that pointed us clearly to a preferred future. Better than I could have imagined.”
~ Dr. Craig Sider, The New York City Leadership Center™

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