Generosity Audit

Reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity

From time to time, it can be extremely helpful to analyze the habits of your overall giving climate to see what is currently working as well as where opportunities for a culture of generosity to increase might exist.

The Generosity Audit is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness and reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity. Think of it like an x-ray into the giving perspective of the church. We try to discover what things are causing generosity to grow as well as what might be inhibiting that growth. We developed this type of audit after decades of experience with a wide variety of churches and realizing what an incredibly helpful tool this could be.

The experience includes the collecting and analyzing of historical giving data prior to the audit, meeting onsite with senior leadership and “perspective groups,” and providing written recommendations after the visit.

Elements of a Generosity Audit:

A “deep dive” into your culture.
Any effective initiative hinges on a comprehensive understanding of your culture. When helping with the development of your overall giving, we start by doing a one-day submersion on-site to grasp the generosity culture, your current giving systems, and to determine what exists inside this body that causes generosity to flourish or to be stifled.
Planning and execution of an overall plan to build giving culture.
Once we’ve assessed the culture and needs of your team to move towards a culture of greater generosity, we gather staff and leadership to begin planning the timing of each initiative element. We will wrestle through options to build the initial plan. Specific team leaders, target dates, and tasks are added here and will be adjusted as needed.
Everyday generosity.
We will help you set up a plan towards increased giving by working on anywhere from 10-20 specific elements. Examples of these may include developing first-time givers, increasing the ease of mobile and online giving, tracking giving patterns of various giving groupings, creating appropriate and unique “offering moments” to get past using it as just a transition, or normalizing a generosity conversation within your community.
Ongoing interaction and coaching.
From the deep dive all the way through the end of the initiative, we will establish consistent communication processes in order to facilitate ongoing conversations and coaching towards increasing the level of generosity in your church. You don’t have to do this alone.

This one-day experience is valuable regardless of whether or not you are heading into a campaign. We can help your church take further steps forward in increasing generosity.