Giving Development

No church is always where they want to be with their ongoing giving.

At some point for almost every pastor, a question arises that has nothing to do with raising specific funds for a building project or an expansion or one project in particular. But the question does have to do with funding.

No church is always where they want to be with their ongoing giving, and as a result, most pastors at one time or another (or multiple times) have wondered, How do I increase this number? No matter the size of your church, its needs can increase or change from year to year, cultures can shift, and along with requiring new materials or staff to meet this, prices raise, and the truth is that this is a question some pastors spend a good deal of time thinking about. How do I increase this number?

What can you do to close the gap between the vision you have for your church and the funding that you need to carry it out on an ongoing basis?

At Generis, we believe we can partner with your church to elevate the general financial resources to match that vision you have for your church. A Generosity Audit is the best place to start. By studying your numbers and interviewing leadership and other key people in your organization, we can help you understand the giving patterns of your church at the current time. We can take those results to then build a flourishing generosity culture that will leverage the best aspects of your church, reflect your values and DNA, and establish effective tools to further build that culture of generosity.

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Generis helped engage our congregation in a healthy discussion about generosity that transformed our community’s trajectory.

Elements of a Generosity Initiative:

A “deep dive” into your culture.
Any effective initiative hinges on a comprehensive understanding of your culture. When helping with the development of your overall giving, we start by doing a one-day submersion on-site to grasp the generosity culture, your current giving systems, and to determine what exists inside this body that causes generosity to flourish or to be stifled.
Planning and execution of an overall plan to build giving culture.
Once we’ve assessed the culture and needs of your team to move towards a culture of greater generosity, we gather staff and leadership to begin planning the timing of each initiative element. We will wrestle through options to build the initial plan. Specific team leaders, target dates, and tasks are added here and will be adjusted as needed.
Everyday generosity.
We will help you set up a plan towards increased giving by working on anywhere from 10-20 specific elements. Examples of these may include developing first-time givers, increasing the ease of mobile and online giving, tracking giving patterns of various giving groupings, creating appropriate and unique “offering moments” to get past using it as just a transition, or normalizing a generosity conversation within your community.
Opportunity project (a preferred phrase to campaign).
We will plan and successfully execute a unique giving opportunity to expand your church’s mission.
Financial leader discipleship.
Because high capacity givers can create an increased long-term giving community, it is important to understand how to identify existing financial leaders, know how to identify emerging leaders, and to plan and execute a ministry towards these people. We will coach you towards that.
Legacy development.
Churches often forget or ignore long-term giving possibilities (wills and estates, planned giving) because they don’t feel as urgent, but they can be an extremely effective way to increase overall giving. We’ll help you establish the strategy and subsequent conversation to implement this important element.
Ongoing interaction and coaching.
From the deep dive all the way through the end of the initiative, we will establish consistent communication processes in order to facilitate ongoing conversations and coaching towards increasing the level of generosity in your church. You don’t have to do this alone, we can help!