A growing church requires a growing budget. One Fund can keep it growing, even after the campaign ends.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself on our webpage because you know you need more funds. This need isn’t a new thing—the traditional capital campaign has successfully been around for decades. It’s also not necessarily a bad thing—any time an organization experiences growth, it must find a way to fund the growth. But maybe you’re not confident that the traditional campaign is the way to go, and you’re here looking for other ideas.

What if your scenario is unique? Maybe your leadership goals can be met in a different way than a capital campaign. What if you need (want?) to elevate overall giving rather than quickly raise funds for one specific project? What if your people are so new (to the faith?) or young or just different from the people of recent generations that taking the traditional approach might not maximize giving potential?

If that’s you, you’ll be encouraged to know that there is another option.

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Right from the start, Generis bought into our vision. They brought organization, expertise and accountability we wouldn't have had otherwise. They listened to our heart and focused on the spiritual growth and unity of both the congregation and our leadership. It wasn’t all about numbers, but about how to move the people of God to embrace a culture of generosity. They helped us accomplish the vision God had given us.

Generis created the One Fund with you in mind

We’ve used this approach with over 300 churches and have seen it not only change the long-range giving of a church, but also fund the project. This unique approach does the following:

Expands the giving base and encourages new givers.
In a traditional campaign, givers are encouraged to give “over and above” their regular tithes and offerings. While many givers certainly do this, there are some people who give to the campaign in place of their tithes. Additionally, the members of the congregation who aren’t giving regularly (or even at all) generally will not start giving for a specific project. “Over and above” nothing is still nothing. One Fund asks people to look at their total giving for the past year and to increase that number for two years.
The One Fund goes hand in hand with teaching the Biblical principles of giving.
Simply put, the One Fund approach is a healthy discipleship approach to organic, systemic and life-changing giving decisions. The giving base increases because this method tends to have a much larger number of people who participate. Existing givers give more, and those who weren’t giving at all have an excellent chance of becoming new givers.
Establishes a giving base that remains beyond the campaign.
Because of the discipleship approach of this method, new givers understand the why behind giving or tithing better than they would have prior to the campaign. The question of why you would want to give is answered through the teaching. This increases the probability that they will now be regular givers. Those who were already giving have now looked at their giving with a different perspective and while they may not maintain their elevated amount of the campaign, they tend to continue to give more than they had before the campaign.
Creates strong mission and vision alignment.
In a traditional campaign, the focus is often project and budget focused where in a One Fund, it is mission and vision focused. In most cases, revenue for a project or budget become a byproduct of the momentum created around your givers toward mission and vision of your Church through a One Fund.
Streamlines giving
This approach takes everyday giving and the opportunity concept and puts it into one giving concept. The idea of “designated funds” is a church norm that is the comfort zone for many people. It can be scary or confusing to consider a different way of doing things, but with the One Fund, you’re not trying to raise money for a specific project. You are trying to increase the overall giving, which in turn could end up funding that specific project. This wins because it streamlines the whole giving process, helping avoid giver confusion.

While the traditional capital campaign can still be the most effective method of raising funds in some situations, the One Fund is certainly worth looking into.

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