Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of TRUST....even the relationship between your church and your community. The more people trust you, the more engaged they are likely to be. How you build and measure trust can be key to ministry growth and health. Data is a relatively new player in this conversation, especially for the local church. It can help you understand the stories in your church community in powerful new ways. But, there are so many questions; Does it belong? What data matters most? How do you interpret it? This resource is designed to help you take the first step in the Data journey by helping you explore two foundational questions:

What Data do we need to pay attention to?

How should we view privacy and confidentiality?

This Resource Will:

  • Provide a robust explanation of the external Data available to your church and where to focus first.
  • Equip you with a three-point strategy for how to best utilize your Data.
  • Clarify the big rocks you need to pay attention to with respect to security and privacy.
  • And much more

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